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Greg White has been in and around the AMA Pro Paddock since 1997.  He started motorcycle roadracing at the AMA Pro level in 1997, his first race being mid-season at Pikes Peak in Colorado.  Greg’s very first race was also the beginnings of his career in television.  In that first race Greg had a on-board camera mounted, and a microphone in his helmet.  He commentated from the saddle of his Suzuki GSX-R600 in the 750 SuperSport race that Saturday.  Since then he has raced and commentated AMA Pro races non stop.

These days Greg is enjoying his 11th season as a full time commentator for AMA Pro Racing’s Superbike Series.

  1. jeff dalsis permalink

    Greg: Why June in Alabama ? Why not month(s) when it is not HOT ? I know F-Ball is king in the South but when AHRMA (October) can pull bigger crowds than AMA the date should TRY to be changed.

    • Jeff, there has been speculation about the date at Barber, one includes football. The crowd at Barber this year was awesome!! But, it was hot and nasty for sure.

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